Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chandragupta Mourya the great Kuruba Gowda

Before I claim and do anything I do a lot of research. I have done a lot of research on the first emperor of India, the great Chandragupta Mourya, legend has it that maorya was a shepehrd boy who was looking after a heard of cattle and sheep, he was fed up with the atrocities of the the then Nanda kings who were misgoverning their kingdom and there was a resentment among the people.

Chanakya the wily brahmin was instrumental in shaping the career and future like of chandragupta, he joined hand with chandragupta the shepherd boy and vowed that he will end the tyranny of the Nanda's and install the simple shepherd boy as the king. Chandragupta rose from being a shepherd to the first emperor of the whole of India. His story and greatness is commomorated by the Indian democracy in the form of a statue of the shepherd boy dreaming of becoming the emperor in fron of the gate 5 of the parliment house in New Delhi.

I  am just highlighting the fact that a shepherd boy was instrumental in uniting what is today India, so there is nothing to be ashamed of being a shepherd(Kuruba Gowda), its just an other profession and a great one too with many great people pursuing it before they became really great.


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  1. What is book name inwhich shows that Chandra Gupta maurya is shepherd boy.