Monday, July 25, 2011

Kurubara Halli/Pete/Ooru/Palya/Hatti

Its really fascinating and amazing that when in Karnataka (at the moment I am living in the UK) I come across so many names of places linked to Kuruba Gowda's. I dont go looking for them, but the name seems to come across either on a Bus, in the news channells , in the newspaper or someone randomly mentioning the name. How interesting, isnt it, no other community in Karnataka and probably India has so many places named after them and their community.

These include Kurubara Halli( Village of Kurubas), I am pretty sure there is a Kurubarahalli in each taluk of Karnataka. Other common place name is Kuruboor( Kuruba + ooru i.e Kurubas town), Kurubara Hatti is another common name of Villages in Karnataka. Kurubara Pete(Kurubas Market) and Kurubara Palya are the common names of Kuruba dominated areas of big cities and towns. I am aware of such places in Kolar and Bengaluru city. Then there is Kurubara Doddi, Kurubara Haadi in areas around Mysore's forests.

This trend of Kuruba named villages is not just common in Karnataka but also in Neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, where Kuruboor, Kurubala Kota and Kurubala Palle are common. In Tamil Nadu Kurumba Purum, Kurumba Patti etc

Its a tradition we all should be proud of. No other community that I am aware of has places named after them, maybe few places named after Golla Gowdas like Gollarahatti, and one or two places like Vakkaleri.
I wonder how many such places are there in the whole of Karnataka? will be interesting to know.

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  1. Hi Dear,

    Thanks for bringing thiese information, I am from Tamilndu and my village is named as KURUMBANUR.

    B.Regds / Ramesh Kurumban