Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kuruba Party of Tamil Nadu - DMMK

It’s interesting and encouraging to know that our Kuruba brothers in Tamil Nadu have overtaken us in Karnataka and are getting organized politically. Just before the recently conclude elections in Tamil Nadu, they started a party called Desiya Makkal Munnetra Kalagam or DMMK. With the aim of fighting for the rights of the downtrodden and suppressed people. The party founder is Mr Muthusamy. The other objectives of the party are to conserve the forest cover, conserve the culture of the soil and also fight corruption.

The party was launched in march 2011 and they demanded 25 seats for their party in the grand alliance which the major parties of Tamil Nadu like the AIADMK and DMK were stitching together.  Their claim was that Kurumbas formed a majority in 25 constituencies. But unfortunately they made a wrong choice and aligned with the DMK which was routed in the elections and as far as I know none from the DMMK won the elections.

But nothing to be ashamed of , our brothers in Tamil Nadu have made the right decision. They have started a Kuruba Party like our brothers in Maharashtra who have started Rashtriya Samaj Party. I think this is the way forward have your own party otherwise other parties will just utilize you and dump you as they have been doing since the past 64 years. People of other communities have won the elections using our votes, but they have not done anything to our community, they have done favours to themselves and their community like the Lingayats and Vokkaligas of Karnataka. They win the elections by begging for votes from different community people in their constituencies, but once they win the elections they do things only to their respective community people, like getting them jobs, allotting them tenders etc, and also visit their swamijis mutt to show their solidarity with their community.

So in the castiest society we are living at present, much cannot be expected from the castiest so called dominant castes, who instead of leading other communities from the front are trying to suppress them for their selfish gains. We should fight our own battle and not depend on them. We should take other backward and deprived communities also with us toward political empowerment and only way to do that is to have our own political party, so that we can demand things rather than beg for things.

The best example of such a party is the PMK which is openly a Vanniyar party and has done so very well to have several MLA’s from that community elected. We will not or might never not claim the Chief Ministers seat, but will have several elected MLA’s who will be the voice of our and other backward classes. Good luck for our brothers in their effort, they are heading in the right direction. Success will be theirs sooner or later.

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