Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Karnataka Kuruba Villages

I have written in my previous blog about the many villages with " Kuruba" name. I bumped into this website "http://vlist.in" which has the list of all the village names in India. And we know that there are about 7 Lakh villages in India. I out of curiosity just went through the village names of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and united Andhra Pradesh.

From the Karnataka list I could find 92 villages with Kuruba name in it like Kurubarahalli,  kurubadoddi, Kuruburu, Kurubagere,  Kurubara Palya etc. These villages are spread over all the districts of Karnataka. There are several villages in Tamil Nadu and also Andhra Pradesh with similar names. No other community has so many villages named after them probably in the whole of. India and maybe the world. This shows how ancient Kuruba Gowda community is.

The other communities which has villages named after them are Golla, Kumbara, Uppara, Bestha, Beda, Vadda, Kammara, Shetti etc. But none of these communities come even close to the number of villages with Kuruba names. Kolar, Chikkaballapur and Tumukuru districts have the most number of these Kuruba villages. Only the costal districts do not have such villages.


  1. Vikaram we should tell our auto riksha and cab driver brother to put KURUBA GOWDA THE WARRIER instead of putting just kuruba or sheep photo in their vehicles , we should print those poster or stickers and distribute to these guys.

  2. Karnataka:In Kolar district: Dodda Kurubarahalli, Chikka Kurubarahalli, Kurubara pete, Kurubarahalli(Kolar Taluk), Kurubarahalli(Bangarpet Taluk),Kuruppalli, Kurumakalapalli, (Srinivasapur Taluk)
    Chikaballapur district: Kuruburu (Chinthamani Taluk)
    Odisha state: Kuruba(Ganapathi district)