Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jungle Jackie Rajesh

Rajesh is a reality TV star from Karnataka. He is the winner of the popular reality TV show "Halli Haidha Pyaatege Bandha" (Village boy comes to the city) telecast in Survana 24x7. The show is about young village boys from rural Karnataka including those dwelling in the forests and how they cope to city life with the help of a women trainer, who helps them to adjust to city life. Rajesh's is a typical rags to riches story, he lived in a small village in the Kakana Kote forest of Mysore district, after he won the reality show he has become a star liked by people of all spectrums of life. People enjoyed his innocence and don't care attitude. Now he is the hero of a Kannada movie called Jungle Jackie. He is a big fan of Kannada film hero Puneet Rajkumar and his movie is named after the hit movie of 2010 "Jackie" starring Puneet. his trainer in "Halli Haidha Pyaatege Bandha" Aishwarya is the heroine of the movie. He belongs to the Kaadu Kuruba tribe.

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