Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sangolli Rayanna's name for Bengaluru International Airport

Sangolli Rayanna the great warrior and one of the first freedom fighter of India. The first person to introduce guerilla warfare to India and who died for the cause of the Karnataka state in particular and the country in general would be the appropriate person on whose memory Bengaluru International Airport should be named. Unfortunately the useless and brainless BJP government has recemmonded Kempegowdas name to the centre. I sincerly hope and pray tht the center rejects this proposal. As kempegowda was just a local chieftain ruling some villages in Yelahanka near Bengaluru and he is made into this big personality by a certain community people who don't seem to have decent historical persons to count in their ranks, not that they have decent people now(most are corrupt politicians anyway). Already the bus stand in Bengaluru is named after this useless character, why name the airport also on his honour, what has Kempegowda done to Bengaluru  or Karnataka apart from erecting four pillars around Bengaluru. The real development of Bengaluru happened during Tippu Sultan/Hyder Ali , the Mysore Wodeyars and the British times. Just because kempegowda belongs to a politically dominant caste he is being made as a hero equating him to Chhatrapathi Shivaji(Mumbai Airport). All sane, educated and noncastiest people should oppose the move to name the airport which will be identified with Karnataka forever, to be named after a useless, insignificant fellow like kempegowda.

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  1. yes he is great freedom fighter ever. he belongs to kuruba caste . kuruba are the warrior people . and they the always fight for truth and freedom

    i m proud to sangolli rayanna jee that he fight againt britishers

    and every indian proud on sangolli rayanna