Monday, June 4, 2012

A Kuruba - The Saviour of Kunchitigas

Legend has that Kunchitigas were originally from northern parts of Karnataka/India and were forced to migrate south to their present destination due to various circumstances prevailing in that region. They were being chased by the Muslim army of Delhi. Their leader was one Undetharaya. Closely pursued by the Muslim king's armies they arrived at the banks of the Tungabhadra river. But unable to cross it, they were stuck on its banks. On hearing of their dilemma “Jaladhi Bopparaya” a local Kuruba Gowda agreed  to help them cross the river on condition that he be given a girl in marriage and eternally remembered by the community.  Jaladhi Bopparaya was holding a Kuncha(cluster) used to weave woolen blankets in his hands, a symbol of his profession. Undeyetharaya named his community as Kunchitiga in honour of him. The one who was holding a Kuncha. Undeyatharaya” gave away his daughter “Chikka Byredevamma” in a marriage to “Jaladhi Bopparaya" in order to keep their promise to him. Jaladhi Bopparaya and Chikka Byredevamma's are the ancestors of the "Jaldenavaru" branch of Kunchitiga community.

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