Saturday, September 15, 2012

Great Kurubas 5 - Puttamalle Gowda

Puttamale Gowda is a folklore artist. He is master of  "Goravara Kunitha". He hails from Chamaraja Nagar district and the tradition of Goravayyas has been passed on in his family for generations. He was initiated to the tradition of  Goravas at the age of 12yrs by his uncle.  Mr Puttamalle Gowda took Deekshe to continue the tradition.

After his Deekshe and learning the art of Goravara Kunitha, Mr Puttamalle Gowda started performing in various cities and towns. Goravas were invited to perform in house warming ceremonies and to bless the children. He eventually formed his own troupe and has toured different cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Cochin apart from the towns and cities of Karnataka.

Mr Puttamalle Gowda  has been awarded the "Rajyotsava" award and Janapada Academy award. He continues to teach about a group of 10 children. He has a son and two daughters. His son continues the tradition of Goravayya. Puttamalle Gowda is in his 80's now and still remains active. He was awarded "Janapada Shri" award in February 2012.

All Kuruba Gowdas should be proud of this man who has dedicated his life to preserve the ancient Kuruba tradition. I hope that Kuruba youngsters will take up this art form and continue the tradition. No other community people are allowed to become Goravvyas, it has to be a person from the Kuruba Gowda community.

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  1. Bro u r telling about karanataka, in Andhra and Telangana Gowda is Caste not like karanataka .in karanataka many communities use Gowda because just for royality or pride. In Andhra Gowda people's are Gowda caste there is no royality no pride just they belongs to Gowda community