Friday, September 14, 2012

Tribal Kuruba Gowdas Under Attack By Missionaries

I try to keep myself updated with the events around the world, especially India and Karnataka. I, while browsing the net came across this Christian Missionary website called This being a missionary website there is no dearth of funds, looks like its been active in parts of Asia and Africa. As any Christian missionary- it's aim is to spread the word of gospel and bring in new converts to the Christian faith. But what was shocking was the effort and research they have put in to identify the poor and vulnerable tribes in India and elsewhere.

They have the full profile of each tribe living in the forests and surrounding areas of India. And obviously they have targeted our Kuruba tribal brothers including Kadu Kuruba, Jenu Kuruba and Betta Kuruba. They have researched so much about our tribal brothers and come up with statistics and data which I think even our government does not have about them.

They don't say anywhere in the article that Kurubas are Hindus, but they just go on to say that they follow Tribal religion and beliefs. They have suggested that there is an urgent need for Bible to be translated into the "Kuruba Language"(about which I will write in an aanother blog). Their agenda includes sending more missionaries to target Kurubas, motivate the already converted Kurubas to convert more people into Christendom, to build more churches where our Kuruba brothers are inhabituated.

They have also published the numbers which even our state government will not have. This was collected by the "World Evangelization Research Centre". It puts the population of Tribal Kurubas at 8 Lakhs and 90 thousand, it claims only 19% of them follow Hinduism, 80% follow ethnic religion and 1% follow Christianity. Missionaries are already working on 2 and half Lakh people and claim to have evangelised about 2 Lakhs Kuruba Gowdas.

At this pace it won't be too long before entire population of tribal Kurubas will be converted to Christianity, once this happens our brothers will loose their ancient traditions and costumes and will follow western lifestyle blindly, they will look at Jerusalem as their holy city rather then looking at Male Mahadeshwara. They will follow Popes command rather then the command of  Devaragudda.

It will be a real tragedy if the original inhabitants of south India, who were in the forefront of development of Hindu religion be converted to the alien religion of Christianity. We as the plains dwelling Kuruba Gowdas should take up the cause of our tribal brothers and help them remain not only as Hindu Kurubas, but also help them maintain their ancient traditions and costumes and also help them assimilate into mainstream society. Please take a note of this and do whatever you can to help these people. We cant obviously compete with the Christian Missionary money, Christians are 40 times richer then Hindus and they have plenty of money to spend to lure these innocent people into their religion.

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