Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Story of Adhi Gonda

The Halumatha Kuruba Gowda community is the oldest community among all the communities of India, the fact is proven by various sayings and proverbs used in the villages and cities even today. Most of the other communities which branched out of the Kuruba Gowda community maintain some sort of a like with their mother community either in terms of following our Gothra system, the Bedagu system or various other costumes and traditions which are linked to the Kuruba Gowdas.

One such interesting story which I came across recently is that of Adhi Gonda. This story is not so much used or prevalent among the Kuruba Gowda community, but is widely accepted and acknowledged as the origin of the Vokkaligas community of south India. The story goes that Adhi Gonda was a human ancestor who had two wives, the children born to the first wife took up agriculture as a profession and they came to be called as Vokkaligas, whereas the children of the second wife took up animal husbandry as a profession and were called as Kuruba Gowdas.

This story goes on to mention how the ox(Nandi) was sent by lord Shiva to help out the Vokkaligas in farming, this story was mentioned in a book about Vokkaligas, I do not thing any Kuruba Gowda community people accept this story as theirs as they believe they are the original inhabitants and ancestors of all other communities in India. Never the less this story is accepted by most Vokkaligas and shows how they establish their link to the Kuruba community.

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