Monday, May 20, 2013

Great Kurubas 7 -Siddaramaiah Siddarame Gowda

Finally I could add the 22nd chief minister of Karnataka Mr Siddaramanahundi Siddaramaiah Siddarame Gowda to the list of great Kuruba Gowdas. Mr Siddaramaiah or Siddu as he is popularly known as, is and was the most deserving person to be the CM of Karnataka for a long time now. He is also called as Mr Clean of Karnataka politics for keeping out of corruption when he was in the position of power.

He has a lot to do to bring the AHINDA force to the forefront of Kranataka politics. I am sure he will take Karnatak to new heights of progress and social justice.

Also I want to use this opportunity to put to rest the myth that "Gowda" is a community and the efforts made by a certain community to portray the name as its monopoly. Mr Siddaramaiah's father was Siddarame GOWDA and both his brothers who still live in the Siddaramanahundi village in Mysore district have and use the "GOWDA" surname. His two brothers names are ERE GOWDA and RAMANNA GOWDA. His two uncles are called RAME GOWDA and SIDDE GOWDA.

I hope the so called fake GOWDA's who started using it as a surname now understand that GOWDA surname is used by all communities in Karnataka.

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