Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kuruba Lingayats

It's a know fact that the Kuruba Gowdas are the original inhabitants of Karnataka from which other communities branched out. The history, costumes and traditions of Kuruba Gowdas and Halumatha goes back to many thousands of years back. The earliest inscriptions and antiquities found in Karnataka confirm this very fact. I have mentioned in my previous blogs how different communities branched out of the core group of Halumatha, of which only Kuruba Gowdas are retaining the ancient costumes and traditions.

Lingayats of Karnataka make a major chunk of the population, about 15%. But there was no community called as lingayath before the 12th century. The great social reformer Basavanna started the reformation movement wherein he tried to create a caste less community. Basavanna himself was a Brahmin, but his followers were mainly from the lower strata of the time, many people became his followers and adopted Lingayathism. These people included majority from the untouchable group, Basavanna worked relentlessly to uplift them and bring them to the main stream of the society.

Many people belonging to the Halumatha community also became his followers and adopted Lingayathism as their religion. Some of the sub sated of the present Lingayats who are from the Kuruba Gowda community are -
1) Nonaba(ನೊಣಬ) Lingayats - they belonged to the Nolamba Kula(ನೊಳಂಬ ಕುಲ) of the Halumatha Kuruba community, Nolamba eventually became Nonaba.
2) Sada(ಸಾದ) Lingayat - belonged to the Halumatha Sada Kula(ಸಾದ ಕುಲ).
3) Reddy(ರಡ್ಡಿ) Lingayat - they belonged to the Ratta Kula(ರಟ್ಟ ಕುಲ) of Halumatha which eventually became Ratta to Radda to Reddy.

It is a known fact and an open secret that vast majority of today's Lingayats have Kuruba ancestry.ಹಾಲುಮತ-ಕುರುಬ-ಮತ್ತು-ಲಿಂಗವಂತ


  1. yes doctor ur right , that majority of the lingayath community have their ancestors from halumata ! no doubt , nobody argue on this point of yours ! u said it mr. vikram. keep on keep going .

    1. What is the difference between a Kuruba and Lingayath Kuruba?

  2. Essentially both of them are same, it's just a name difference across different regions

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  3. Lingayat term may be coined from basavanna but basavanna followed veerashaiva dharma which is ancient and follows shakti vishishtadwaita philosophy started by Jagadguru Renukacharya. Renukacharya is one among the 4 acharyas (shankara, madhwa, ramanuja, Renuka). Veerashaiva dates back to ancient times which is true lingayat