Thursday, September 5, 2013

Legend of Hakka and Bukka - The Great Kurubas

It's a known fact that Hakka and Bukka were brothers of the Kuruba Gowda community and they established the greatest Hindu empire - the Vijayanagar Empire. They were the sons of sangama and started the Sangama dynasty which ruled over Vijaynagar for over 200 years. The names of Sangama's sons were 1)Harihara(Hakka) 2)Bukka 3)Kampanna 4)Maranna and 5)Mudappa.

South India in the 13th century was ravaged by the marauding Muslim armies from the north. The powerful kingdoms of the south were Hoysalas, the Yadavas of Devagiri, the Kakatiya dynasty of Warangal and the Pandya dynasty of Madurai. These kingdoms where fighting amongst themselves like the North Indian Hindu kings when the Muslims started their invasion of India. There was no united front against the armies of Alla-uddin-khilji and his commander Malik Kafur ravaged the land like plague and destroyed many temples and cities including Dwarasamudra the capital of Hoysalas.
The Sangama's were the feudatories of the Hoysalas and were ruling the region around the present day Bellary, their resistance was futile as well initially.

After the fall of the Hoysalas, the sangama brothers were left to fend for themselves in their territory. One day the brothers Hakka and Bukka were on a hunting expedition and their hunting dog was chasing a hare, after a while of chasing the hare got exhausted and stopped and turned back against the hound and fought back and defeated it. This made the brothers think that even a weak animal can defeat the devil if it had the courage. They identified themselves as the hare and the hunting dog as the Muslims. They resolved to fight back and save Hinduism from becoming extinct in south India.

The place where the battle between the hare and the dog took place was chosen as the site of the new empire as per the advice of the saint Vidyaranya who was doings penance at that place. The brothers united their clan people and started building an army to fight the Muslims and the rest is history.;postID=3341270335384972912

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