Thursday, May 24, 2012

Halu Matha Sudugadu Siddha

Sudugadu Siddhas are peculiarly dressed and are aimed at entertaining the rural public in Northern Karnataka. People believe that witchcraft, evil spirits, ghost and goblins won’t do anything if Sudugadu Siddhas wander in the village.

Sudugadu Siddhas perform naked-meditation at graveyards on Full moon Days and New Moon Days for three hours, then return to the village blowing conch and prevent the devil spirits from entering the village. So, Siddhas believe in the wellbeing of the public and seek rice, money, vegetables and other things from them as rewards. Social scientists have found that Sudugadu Siddhas came into existence during 12th century, when Basavanna( 12th century social regormer) was very active in social reforms. Sudugadu Siddhas are also Shiva Sharanas (devotees of Lord Shiva).
When a person called Siddhayya died and was taken to the burial yard, some crooks challenged Basavanna to save Sidhayya’s life. When Basavanna touched his body with Sanjeevini stick Sidhayya recollected his life. Later, Basavanna assigned him the duty of protecting the village from wicked spirits and gave him conch and bell. Since then, his successors are called as Sudugadu Siddhas.

Siddha’s are Kuuba Gowdas (Halu Matha). They are also called as Mailaralinga, who worship Beerappa as their god. They perform some tricks and entertain children and people. Siddhas wear their costumes between 8 am and 4 pm. One can find Siddhas in Bijapur, Belgaum, Bellary and some other northern districts of Karnataka.