Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great Kurubas 1 - Wet Grinder Sabapathy

Interesting to note that a commonly used thing nowadays in South India for the purpose of grinding rice into a semi liquid paste , for the making of Idly and Dosa is wet Grinder. The inventor of this surprisingly simple machine is a Kuruba Gowda from Coimbatore called Sabapathy. Sabapathy invented this machine in the 1950's which has become a household phenomenon now. Sabapathy's family were originally from Mysore District of Karnataka who settled in Tamil Nadu.
One can find good number of Kuruba Gowdas in the district surrounding the Nilgiri Hills. Mr Sabapathy went on to become a Industrialist and invented many more things, but none matched the success of the Wet Grinder. Sabapathy's son is also an entrepreneur.

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